Hospitality Visions Lake Lucerne AG as an Employer

Hospitality Visions Lake Lucerne AG shapes the future of innovative and historically significant hotel operations with visionary hospitality. Exciting and inspiring gastronomy jobs at fantastic locations on Lake Lucerne are waiting for you!


We promote talent.

We pay performance-based salaries with potential for growth.

We reward exceptional performance.

We care about every employee.

We are open to new ideas.

We demand commitment.

We offer fair working hours.

We are you.



Our Open Positions

Park Hotel Vitznau

Campus Hotel Hertenstein

Neuro Campus Hotel DAS MORGEN



We as a Training or Internship Company

Every year, we offer apprenticeship and internship positions. We are keen to inspire young people for the hotel industry. During the apprenticeship or internship period, you will be deployed in all job-relevant areas of the hotel and supported and accompanied by the professional trainer or internship supervisor. Once a year, all trainees of the Park Hotel Vitznau organize an evening for the parents. We are also always happy to receive trial and applications for unpaid internships.


Open Apprenticeship Positions



Apprenticeship Professions at Park Hotel Vitznau

  • Chef EFZ
  • Restaurant Specialist EFZ
  • Hotel Specialist EFZ
  • Commercial Employee HGT EFZ



Internship Areas at Park Hotel Vitznau

We exclusively offer internships to students of L-GAV recognized Swiss hotel management schools.

  • Kitchen
  • Restaurant
  • Front Office
  • F&B / Operational Assistance


Development & Further Education

Education is our top priority. We want our employees to continuously further their education, and we are happy to support them. Depending on the training or further education, we are happy to provide employees with working hours or financial support. To develop and promote each individual employee, we have an in-house academy where you can collect special points for exceptional achievements. Our employees also have the opportunity to complete an unpaid internship in another company.



Summer Internship Austria

During the summer season, we offer internship positions in the restaurant and kitchen areas. We exclusively offer these internship positions to students from Austrian tourism schools between the ages of 16 and 18 who are completing their three-month mandatory internship.



Career Exploration Days at Park Hotel Vitznau

Would you like to learn more about careers in the hotel and gastronomy sectors? Experience exclusive insights this autumn during the Career Exploration Days! 

Career Exploration Days at Park Hotel Vitznau take place twice a year, in spring and autumn.

Experience an exciting hotel circuit with great insights into the various departments during the Career Exploration Day!

Under the motto "", the national Career Exploration Days for the hotel and gastronomy sectors take place in spring and autumn. Young people of career choice age, their parents, teachers, and career counselors have the opportunity to explore and experience the professions of the hospitality industry. Interested individuals can register with the establishments of their choice and get a firsthand view of this exciting industry on-site.

We look forward to seeing you!


Further Information & Registration


Our Mission Statement

Our hospitality exceeds the high expectations of our customers in terms of quality, added value, and satisfaction through exclusivity, authenticity, safety, and flexibility by means of unique thematic areas. We assume a role model function in the industry. The diversity of our customers is our guiding principle. Our market is the world, and our offers are aligned accordingly. All employees of Park Hotel Vitznau and Campus Hotel Hertenstein are co-entrepreneurs. They are aware of their responsibility and are given the competencies to assume it. Their culture of trust, their openness, their self-awareness, their discretion, their loyalty, and their personality distinguish them.

We promote the proactive and creative power of our employees by offering individual development programs, targeted work and incentive models, thus supporting them in achieving the clearly defined company goals and thereby strengthening their self-esteem and personal satisfaction. We are economically oriented and strive to generate the means to maintain the value of the infrastructure, to promote new concepts in the hotel industry, and to achieve our objectives. Suppliers are our partners with whom we enter into long-term and trustworthy relationships. Their services and products are precisely tailored to our needs. Together, we meet the demands and expectations of our customers. Innovation is the driving force in our company and is consciously supported and promoted by us. We think in the most modern standards and, where possible and meaningful, take on a leadership role with contemporary structures, processes, and systems. We respect the environment with all available means. We maintain a trusting, open relationship with the authorities and the residents of the region.


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