Il Ristorante Hertenstein

Il Ristorante Hertenstein

Buongiorno! The interior of the Il Ristorante Hertenstein is bright and cheerful and the view over the lake is fantastic! You can expect a culinary journey consisting of the finest regional products paired with a lot of Italianità. Italian cuisine is much more than pasta and pizza. Ristorante Hertenstein offers culinary specialties and exquisite dishes from selected Italian regions. In the walk-in wine cellar you will find a selection of fine table wines.

Dogs are not allowed in the Il Ristorante Hertenstein.


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Opening hours

From 02.09.2020
Monday to Friday: closed at lunchtime, only open for seminars
Evenings: from 18.00 pm to 21.00 pm



Phone +41 (0)41 399 71 71

Table reservation

Your four legged friend is not allowed in the Restaurant.